Here are some samples from Jungle Heart.  Sorry, they're not streaming, but they are high quality MP3s and worth the download time, especially if you're considering purchasing Jungle Heart (highly recommended!).

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Jungle Heart

Annie Lalley: Vocal, Harmony
Lynn Morgan Rosser, Annie Lalley: Angel Choir
Walter Parks: Electric Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine, Acoustic Guitar, Sound Effects
Chris Rosser: Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Talking Drum, Djembe, Kalimba
1702KB / 2:25

That's The Way It Goes

Anne Lalley: Vocals, Harmony
Walter Parks: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Drum loop
Chris Rosser: Talking Drum, Harmonium, Zils, Brush Tambourine
1410KB / 2:00

Comfort Me

Anne Lalley: Vocal, Harmony
Walter Parks: Electric Guitars
Stephanie Winters: Cello
1413KB / 2:00

Loud Touch of Your Hand

Anne Lalley: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmony
Lynn Morgan Rosser: Harmony Vocals
Joe Ebel: Acoustic Five-String Violins, Electric Guitar
Don Porterfield: Fretless Bass
Michael Manring: Low Drone Bass at Instrumental Break
Chris Rosser: Electric Sitar, Dotar, Harmonium, Zils, Percussion
1412KB / 2:00

Dream Mantra

Anne Lalley: Vocal, Harmony, Piano
Lynn Morgan Rosser, Chris Rosser, Suzi Katz, Joe Ebel, Josh Lamkin, Mary Davis, Anne Lalley: 'Gah-tay' Choir
Joe Ebel: Acoustic Five-String Violin
Chris Rosser: Penny Whistle, Bass, Percussion, Loops, Harmonium
Stuart Reinhardt: Soprano Sax
1534KB / 2:10

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